Friday, April 6, 2012

This Week in Writing

I received the pdf version of my nonfiction book, so I have to work on indexing it. I've never indexed before, but I'm very lucky to have a great friend (hi, Tamara!) who is helping me. She is amazing! She's only gotten through 8 pages, but I need to go back through chapter 1 and find some of the things she highlighted. I love it when I have direction!

While I was waiting for edits to come back, I started working on my next book. It's a middle grade fantasy book. It's for my kids. They are the main characters, and I actually use their names in the story. I hope they like it. I have two chapters done and started the third, but that will be on hold for a while so I can finish other things.

On Wednesday, my spouse had the day off, so he spent it with the boys. They ran to the store to get dinner, and while there, the kids got a pop. For whatever reason, my spouse let them have Coke Zero and Pepsi. I let my kids have pop, but I always try to get them the ones without caffeine.

Anywho, they had their brown pops at dinner. Of course, it was the 20 oz plastic bottle, so they didn't finish their drinks with their food. At one point, later in the evening, as it was getting close to bedtime, I noticed they were still sucking down the liquid. I pointed at them.

"Boys, as soon as you're done with that drink, no more pop. Put it in the fridge and save it until tomorrow."

My spouse said something I don't remember, but my response was, "They are caffeinated! The kids have enough problems going to bed."

The 5 year old looked at me with wide, buzzing eyes and said, "What does cappinated mean?"

So I explained it to him, and he was barely able to stand still as I did so. They had some issues falling asleep that night, but when they finally did, they crashed hard. Still, I doubt I'll make it a habit to give them brown pop, unless it's root beer!

Hope you have a wonderful Easter weekend! May you be buzzed by the spirit of the holiday (or whatever else buzzes you!).