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Making an Impact

As an author, one of the things I strive to do in my work is invoke feelings in the reader. Love or hate my story, if I can get you to talk about it after you've read it, I've accomplished my goal.

As many of you know, my friend Tamara has been helping me index my nonfiction book. It's about slasher films, so it talks a lot about killers, maiming, deaths, and not trusting strangers.

Well, recently, she had to go to an interview out of town. She said the guy was super nice, and then he asked her to go to the basement to retrieve some documents. Tamara hesitated. The basement? Where killers dispatch of their victims in gruesome fashion? Would she come out of this alive?

Armed with her recorder (to catch her final screams, of course), she headed down. And came back out unscathed with a great story. I laughed when she told me this, and so did she. It does my heart good to know my work has influenced (and freaked out) a reader!