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Like zombies? Then you'll love this book. There's a whole slew of stories in here. Here's the description:

In a world where the dead walk...
In a world where the living struggle to survive...
In a world where Munchkins fight alongside flying monkeys...
Those are just some of the things you will find inside this mammoth book of zombie fiction by writers from Michigan to Malaysian, from Austin to Austria.
So, pull on your bibs and prepare to sink your teeth in.
There's plenty of brains for everyone!

My story is called "Live, and Let Them Be Undead." Let me give you a little taste.

Caleb stepped onto the sidewalk, blinded by the morning sun. He blinked and squinted. When he could see, the cop cars across the street caught his attention. He stared at them for a moment, his grip tightening on the handle of his briefcase. He approached the barricade.

“What happened?” he asked the cop standing behind the orange and white roadblock.

The officer scanned him up and down, his thumbs hooked in his belt. “There was a zombie attack last night.”

Caleb’s mouth fell open. “What? How? Who was the victim?”

The cop held up his hands to stop Caleb’s onslaught of questions. “All I can tell you is that some regulars escaped the ghetto. They have been taken care of, and you have nothing more to worry about.”

Caleb’s stomach clenched. He glanced over the cop’s shoulder. Patrol cars and detectives blocked his view, but he was convinced he saw blood staining the asphalt. He silently hoped it wasn’t someone he knew. He nodded at the officer before him, then proceeded to work with a lump in his throat.

Dumbfounded, he set his briefcase on his desk. How could a regular get out of the ghetto? Were they even aware they were in a locked environment? From what he understood about them, they weren’t aware of their surroundings until a human was around. Then, their focus switched to devouring flesh. Otherwise, they wandered around aimlessly.

Want to read more? Then get the book. It's available here and here.

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