This Week in Writing

I'm working on chapter 7 of my dragon story. The going has been a little slow. As I mentioned earlier this week, I haven't been sleeping well, so my creative juices aren't flowing like normal. Still, I'm moving forward. I have no goal in mind for the story, just to have it done before the end of the year. Hopefully, I can accomplish that!

I finished an edit I was working on and started another. Keeping busy with that. Did you expect less?

We had some 3-alarm Hot Tamales in the cupboard. I'm not a big fan, and neither is my spouse, so we thought we'd give them to the kids. They weren't particularly fond of them because they're spicy. Still, that didn't stop the 3 year old (yes, he's now three. Happened at the end of January). He's my sugar baby. If it's sweet, he'll devour it.

I was back in my room one night, and the 3 year old came back with a handful of the candy. His face was stained red, along with his hands, and he looks at me, holding out the Tamales.

"These spicy," he tells me.

"Then don't eat them," I say. "Go throw them away."

He face dropped, his eyes grew wide. His look said, What? Throw away sugar? Are you daft? "No. Me keep them." And he walked away.

He held onto those things until it was time for bed. By that point, they were pale, melty blobs and he was a sticky, icky mess. Eventually, I was able to convince him to throw them away. They were sprouting dog hair!

Hope you have a fabulous weekend!