Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Small Gestures

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I have a horrible cough. I don't feel well. This week started out on the wrong foot. Yet, it's not that bad. I may be incredibly grumpy and quick to temper, but there have been little things each day that have made it that much brighter.

On Monday, I was ready to go on the war path. That morning, nothing turned out right. By the afternoon, I had a long conversation with the nonfiction editor and received my final cover. It made my whole day.

Yesterday started out normal, nothing major happened, and I wasn't overly grumpy. I handed out Valentines to my coworkers, mainly because I had a bunch of leftover Fun Dip and didn't want to sugar up my kids. I didn't really think anyone would be overly excited, but I was amazed how appreciative people were. I can't tell you how many said that candy brought back childhood memories. It made my day to know I made theirs.

It really is the little things in life that make you happy. Whenever they occur, I grab onto them and savor them. I never used. I used to view them as fleeting and sink back into my funk. I've been working on that lately because I hate being angry all the time. I hate feeling like the world is out to get me. (In reality, it's not. The world could care less about me. That's not a bad thing, it's just how it is.)

If you don't already, you should do the same. Find something wonderful in your day, no matter how small, and hold onto it. Extend a small gesture of kindness. You'll be amazed how it will brighten your day and someone else's.

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Clarbojahn said...

Thanks Pembroke, It is the small kindnesses that make a persons day. I made mac and cheese for a late lunch and early dinner for husb before he left for uni. He loved it. Made both our days. :) More day to come now where I can show love and kindness. *Yay*

Hope you have a great day!