Thursday, February 9, 2012

Shameless Self Promotion

I wanted to highlight one of my stories today. I don't think I'm very aggressive about promoting my work other than novels, so I'm taking the time today!

When you're told your life is tragic, what else can you do but believe it? To deal with her own tragedy, Stevie drowns her sorrows in alcohol while never venturing beyond a three block radius of her home. A menial existence at best.

Then, a blue-eyed mysterious stranger offers to take away the pain and heartache and show her the world, all Stevie has to do is make a wish...or three.


Do you know why you only get three wishes? I do. Perhaps the better question to ask is: do you know who first started granting humans’ wishes? If you answered fairies, genies, or leprechauns, then the originators have done a good job of hiding their trail. Fairies, genies, and leprechauns do grant wishes, but they didn’t come up with the idea. They only got into the act when they realized it was beneficial to them. Make no mistake; mythical creatures are very self-serving. They won’t do anything for humans unless they know they can get something out of it. But I digress. No, the first creature to grant humans’ wishes was a vampire.

I know you’re wrinkling your nose and pushing your eyebrows together in confusion, but it’s true. You can’t expect someone to live as long as a vampire does and not learn some magic or the secrets of the cosmos. The old saying warns, “Be careful what you wish for, you just might get it,” but the more applicable saying is, “Misery loves company.”

I’m sure you’re wondering how I know all this, so I’m going to tell you.

You can purchase the book here or an Amazon.

Want a free version of the story? Leave a comment and I'll put you in a drawing to win one!

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