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My Geek is Showing

I'm not very adventurous. I'm firmly entrenched in my rut, and I hang onto my preconceived notions like a toddler with his blanket. If the phrase "don't knock it till you tried it" applies to anyone, that would be me.

Snowmobiling? No. That doesn't sound like fun. It sounds cold and scary. Had I ever done it before? Nope. Good thing my spouse doesn't give up on me. It's the best thing in the world!

Audiotapes? Are you kidding? They'll probably put me to sleep. Have I ever listened to one? No. Holy cow! What have I been missing? I love being read to! I can listen to a book and get other stuff done. Why did I think I'd hate it?

I'm listening to a book for book club right now. It's Methland by Nick Reding. The subject matter is pretty deep, but it's fascinating. I enjoy being read to so much, I was poking around on the Audiobooks site yesterday because, next, I want to "read" a fiction book.

Can you believe it? They have 130 odd Star Wars books! And 18 hours of Conan the Cimmerian? Yes, please! I have the Conan book on my Kindle, but I haven't had a chance to read it. If someone reads them to me, life will be perfect!

I didn't even get a chance to peruse the other sci fi/fantasy books, but I'm sure there are many more I'd be interested in. My geek meter went off a little bit while I browsed, and I made a mental list of the Star Wars books I was going to put on my wish list. First, however, I'm listening to Conan. I can't wait to finish Methland!

I can't get over how many books are actually on audio. Why was I so stubborn about listening to them before?