Monday, February 13, 2012

Movie Review Monday

I didn't watch a whole movie this weekend. I attempted to watch Black Swan (2011), but I couldn't make it through the movie. I've been fighting a cold, so my patience level was way lower than normal. The film was slow.

I'm sure it was setting itself up for something. Natalie Portman's character was very accommodating and a pushover. By the time her "Black Swan" side came out, I'm sure it was spectacular. However, getting to that point was pure torture. Maybe some day I'll be able to watch it again. Who knows?

Has anyone else seen it? Is it worth watching again? I got to the part where she went to see the other ballerina in the hospital, maybe a little past, but that's the last thing I remember.


JamieM said...

I saw the movie. It was good I guess. I mean, so much hype and so many awards has to mean it was good right? But I just thought it was strange. Like, "oh my god I never want to watch this again and I bet I'm having nightmares tonight" strange. I'm glad I saw it. But I'll never watch it again.

Pembroke Sinclair said...

So what you're saying is I won't be missing much if I don't watch it. Got it! :)