Friday, January 20, 2012

This Week in Writing

I'm pretty sure I turned in the final version of my nonfiction book. I was told to pick out pictures, the editor reordered my chapters, and he sent an author questionnaire. I'm not exactly sure when it's supposed to come out, but I'll keep you informed.

I finished the content edit I was working on. That allowed me to finish chapter 3 of my dragon story and start on chapter 4. I've been handwriting this novel because it's easier than being chained to my computer, especially when it's just me and the kids. I got chapters 1 and 2 typed up, but then I decided to move forward with the project.

I'm hoping to get some work done this weekend, but we shall see how that goes. Things have been crazy in my house lately. *sigh* I'll find a way to survive.

A Really Good Reason to NOT Let a Dog Lick You

He might have been drinking from the toilet...after a 2 year old pooed in it!

That is the boys' toilet adapter around his neck. I hope he enjoyed it! Have a great weekend!

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