Monday, January 30, 2012

Movie Review Monday

Fright Night (1985)

A classic old film. I know I've seen it once before, but I couldn't remember what happened. I wanted to watch it again because the remake is coming out and I want to be able to compare and contrast.

The film is about Charley, a high school student who discovers that his neighbor is a vampire. This, of course, doesn't make the neighbor happy, so Charlie finds himself fighting for his life.

By today's standards, the graphics in the film were subpar. I thought they were fun, though. I mean, back then, they had to do all the special effects with models and claymation. CGI didn't exist. The one scene where Evil is transforming back from a wolf into a human, that was kind of creepy. The creature was not right. My kids definitely can't watch that movie until they're older. That would have scared the crap out of them!

I liked the film. I was picking it apart as I watched, attempting to find the deeper meaning. I think I found some of the hidden messages (missing fathers/father figures that destroy the family, teens who are corrupted by the adult generation), but I would need to sit down and watch it a few more times to figure them all out. As a mindless film, it was an enjoyable watch. We own it, so I can watch it any time.

I'm very excited to see the remake. Colin Farrell plays Jerry Dandrige. I'm pretty sure there will be more blood in the new one. And I'm pretty sure the graphics will be better. I'll let you know how it compares after I see it!

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