Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Taming the Demons

I had a bad day yesterday. I didn't sleep very well, I woke up with a headache, and when I got to work I felt like I was being crushed. I questioned my writing ability and the voices told me I wouldn't amount to anything. The feeling built and snowballed until it culminated and I got angry about the most mundane thing in the the world.

My spouse asked if I could please mail a package of products he sold on eBay. It was supposed to be simple. All I needed to do was log in to his account and print the label. It wasn't that easy. First of all, I didn't know where to find the label. I texted him, but he was at lunch with a friend (which irritated me further. If he had time to go to lunch, why didn't he have time to mail the freaking package?).

He finally got back to me and told me where the find the link. I found it, clicked on it, and was ready to hit print when it told me I had to log into his PayPal account and purchase the stupid thing. I don't have his PayPal login, so I had to text him for that. I was actually busy at work, so I didn't really have time to mess with it.

I blew up. It was the most ridiculous thing to get upset about, but I needed to vent. My poor spouse, he took the brunt of it. He didn't deserve to get yelled at, but he has broad shoulders and took it well. That's why I love him!

After I left work, I was fine. I hung out with my kids, then went to dessert with my spouse and a friend so we could talk about "Death to the Undead" (they were my beta readers). While there, I got an email with the cover for "Finding Eden." It's AWESOME! I think I can post it, but I'm going to wait for the OK from the publisher.

By the time I went to bed, I felt better. I'm doing all right today, and trying to focus on the positives. Every so often those stinking stress/depression demons rear their heads, and I have to fight them back down. We all go through it. I'm just lucky I have supportive and patient people around me who don't hold grudges!

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Tamara said...

"Patience, my ass! I want to kill someone!"

So glad you're feeling better!