Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Almost Done

Well, I survived the major holiday. Thank goodness! There was a lot of traveling involved, some overeating, and much visiting with friends and family. To end it all, we took off snowmobiling for a couple days. The first day, we had a huge group. Seven sleds with the two kids riding double. It was a blast! The next day, it was just me and my boys.

We had a relaxing morning in the room, got up and ate breakfast, then headed out. We didn't get to stay out as long as we wanted because the spouse was low on gas, but it was still a nice day. I couldn't believe how many snowmobilers were up there. Seriously, it was like Sturgis in the snow. We still had a great time, though!

I'm not looking forward to New Years. Three-fourths of the time, I don't celebrate it. I've had some really bad New Years in my day, so I just avoid it all together. It's safer that way!

There's a ton of stuff coming up in the next year for me. My nonfiction book will be coming out, hopefully the sequel will be out, and I've got some kids' books scheduled for publication. I'm sure in between all of those I'll be working on some new stuff, too.

How about the rest of you? How did your holidays go? Are you glad they're over? Are you excited for New Years?

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