Thursday, November 10, 2011

The Walking Dud

I've watched and been entertained by my share of terrible movies. I'm a fan of slasher films, B movies, and creature features. I have pretty slow standards. I can usually find some redeeming quality in a film or TV movie. Lately, I've been having trouble finding that quality in "The Walking Dead."

The first season of the show was all right. I didn't think it was stellar, but there was room for improvement. I came into the second season waiting (hoping) for that improvement, but I've been disappointed. I know I'm not the only one, either. I've had numerous discussions with my coworkers about the show.

Here are my issues:

1) Get some new cars. The world has been destroyed, no one is going to be mad if you steal a brand new car off the lot. Stop fixing that craptastic motor home from the 1970s and get a vehicle that will provide protection and get them somewhere. Find a tanker truck full of gas and take it. That way, they won't have to worry about gas for a long time.

2) Where are they going anyway? The world is destroyed, there's nothing left. If the CDC is any indication, there won't be anyone at the military base they're trying to get to. Find a nice little haven that is zombie free and fortify it. Eventually, they're going to have to start rebuilding, might as well get a head start.

3) Think logically about a situation before running into it head on. There's a zombie in your well, the water is already tainted. Even if that thing had been wrapped in plastic, I still wouldn't recommend drinking the water without sanitizing it first. Step back, assess the situation, and be smart. Don't wrap the rope around the pump, it's not a weight-bearing structure. They're on a farm, isn't there a tractor somewhere? C'mon, people. Think!

Besides, if the well is tainted, would it eventually taint all the water? I mean, the water in a well comes from the ground, and there's usually an aquifer, so wouldn't all the water on the farm be bad? I could be wrong, I'm not an expert in wells and underground water systems, but that seems like an issue to me.

4) If someone tells me I can't have a gun on their property during a zombie apocalypse, I'm flipping him the bird and leaving. Either that or pointing my gun in his face and daring him to take it from me. Yes, yes, I know. They owed him for saving their child, but a line has to be drawn somewhere. C'mon, people! Think!

5) Why would they let their child approach a wild animal in the woods? Especially a deer? They are not docile creatures. They are actually extremely territorial and have been known to attack humans. Even if the deer wasn't going to attack, why risk having it run away? Do you know how long a deer could have fed that group of people? Of course, knowing them, no one would know how to prepare it and it would have gone to waste. Survival, people. You do what you have to to live!

I get that this season is attempting to focus on the human reactions and interactions and what has to be done to survive, but they don't have to be so stupid about it. They can still be smart and have feelings.

Anyone else have any opinions on the show?


Tony-Paul said...

Your comments are some reasons I don't like Zombie flicks--both they and their killers are so stupid. I only watch Walking Dead because it's filmed near my ol' stompin' grounds...Atlanta.

Pembroke Sinclair said...

How cool! I knew it was filmed in Georgia, and I'm sorry they have to suffer the heat. Maybe that's affecting their decision-making abilities!