Friday, November 18, 2011

This Week in Writing

Last weekend and the beginning of the week, I had so much motivation. I cranked out four chapters and was ready to do more. Then, as the week progressed, the boys decided they weren't going to sleep through the night. The 4 year old and the puppy woke up to throw up on two different nights, and the 2 year old refused to stay in bed. By Wednesday, I was burnt out.

Everyone slept wonderfully last night, so I'm hoping to have a little energy to at least finish the chapter I started. It would be the fifth one this week. I'm so close, so very close. I think I have four chapters left and I'm done with the draft. As you can imagine, I'm itchin' to finish it!

This week has been fairly hectic with the lack of sleep and general grumpiness. I'm sure my kids did something cute and funny, but I can't remember anything. My brain has been rattled. Either way, have a fabulous and productive weekend!

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