Wednesday, November 9, 2011

That Which Does Not Kill You

Is probably going to make you really tired.

Daylight savings time never used to bother me. Yeah, there was an adjustment period while my body got used to the change, but otherwise, I continued on with my life. Back in my drinking days, fall daylight savings was the best because there was an extra hour at the bar.

Now, however, I'm trying to figure out what the hell the point of daylight savings is. My kids don't get it. They don't know how to tell time, so you can't explain to them that they have to stay in bed for a little longer. Their little bodies tell them it's time to get up, even if it's an hour earlier. Once they get up, they get the dogs up. It's possible to get the boys back to bed, but once the puppy is up, he's up. You can't explain to him about daylight savings, either.

I've been dealing with the fallout since Sunday morning. It's only Wednesday, but, trust me, it feels like it's been over a week already. Thank goodness the kids eventually adapt, or else I wouldn't make it!

I think it's about time we re-evaluated the whole daylight savings thing. I mean, not everyone in the states even participates in daylight savings. It would save me a couple hours of sleep...

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