Overly Shy

As some of you know, I had a run-in with a nefarious publisher. He didn't start out evil, it was only over the course of time that I found out about his exploits. As is human nature, I didn't want to believe he was that awful. He was always so nice to me, so I told myself it was a mistake, it was someone else.

Then, when I found out he stole the cover to one of my novellas, I couldn't lie anymore. Then, when he published my story in an anthology after I withdrew, and sent and email calling us authors a**holes, I got angry. Apparently, he's still up to his old tricks. Authors are taking action against him, though, and if you want to participate, check out this blog.

Normally, I'm a pretty cynical person. I don't believe in the goodness of humanity, and one of my part-time jobs reinforces daily how low some people will sink. Don't get me wrong, I know there are good people out there. My friends are the best in the world, but I don't have very many. I'm picky in that sense.

Recently, I decided to submit some stories to different publishers. I like mine, and they really enjoy putting out my work (albeit slowly), but I thought I'd expand. Distribute my eggs to different baskets, if you will. I'm very diligent about researching publishers, and most of them are fine and respectable, but I found myself getting panicky about picking a place. What if they are evil? What if they steal my work? I forced myself to take a breath, and I sent out the submissions.

I received a couple rejections and two no replies. Nothing earth shattering, and it was a relief. Maybe they won't steal my work. In the end, I sent the story to my publisher. I know I can trust them. I'll slowly try to expand, but if something's working, why fix it?

Don't forget, tomorrow morning I will have the first winner of the contest. I will put all comments made on Friday into the hat for next week.