Friday, September 30, 2011

This Month In Writing

It's been a crazy month here with the blog tour. I hope everyone enjoyed it. At least you'll have some new books and new authors to check out. Today is the last day, and there are some posts, so check 'em out if you want!

Meradeth Houston - “Colors Like Memories” on Kim Baccellia
Rebecca Ryals Russell - “Prophecy” on Marva Dasef
Marva Dasef - “Bad Spelling” on Barbara Ehrentreu
C.K. Volnek - “Ghost Dog of Roanoke” on Lawna Mackie

Believe it or not, I've actually been very busy with writing, also. It's mainly been edits, but I've been working.

I sent off final edits for a zombie story the other night and did a final run through on my paranormal romance. That story is supposed to be out in the next few weeks. I'll keep you posted. I wrote a zombie short for an anthology and sent it to my beta reader. Hopefully, she'll have suggestions back to me next week and I can finalize the story. I came to the conclusion that Finding Eden has to be completely rewritten, so I've been working on that.

The nonfiction editor sent back edits to my slasher book, and I have those waiting in the wings. I was a little daunted by his suggestions, but he also sent them to me at the height of my illness. After having time to think about them (and procrastinate), they aren't that bad. They'll just require time. Too bad I don't have more of that!

My goal is to have Finding Eden finished by October 15, then I will start edits on the nonfiction book. After that, I need to get back to the YA zombie sequel. Phew! It's going to be busy!

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Michelle said...

How do you keep it all straight in your head! I work on two things at a time...maybe three, but that's pushing it. Right now I'm writing a YA and editing my MG. That keeps me busy...reading your schedule exhausts me!