Thursday, September 29, 2011

Another Review

As an author, it's very important to get your work into the hands of reviewers. In a lot of cases, their opinions will influence others. While it's important to send your work to professional reviewers, don't forget the power of the regular reader.

Word of mouth is some of the best advertisement you can get. Since my zombie story is a YA novel, I thought I'd ask one of my young fans to read it for me. Here's what he had to say:

I got the copy a couple of weeks ago, and finished it a couple of days ago. I really liked it and am ready to review it! :)

Right from the start, I liked the relatability of the main character, Krista, as an average teenager, who seems a little disturbed with her obsession with serial killers. Then the story quickly turns to its main focus with the practical disbelief of the family presented with the notion of zombies. But the story lured me in wanted to know just what was going to happen, after that attack occurred in their neighborhood street. What really moved on the plot for me was the loss of both parents, and that she had to fend for herself. I liked how the deaths made sense, that in crazy times people fail to act rationally. I liked that she had to be resourceful, and team up with other people in order to survive. Then after getting to Florida, with security only when giving up all personal rights, she realized that she had to get out of there. The whole cousin drama I thought was really great, it tells just how confusing her life is and that she really couldn’t trust anyone. And with her Wyoming love, it has the love story that brings a book full circle. I oddly really liked that there was no grand resolution with the end of the book and that with taking control at the end that nothing was truly figured out. I feel like it set up a sequel nicely and that it answered enough that I wasn’t angry by its ending. Some books don’t answer enough and makes it too apparent the author just wants to write another book. I didn’t feel that way.

I really enjoyed the book overall. It was a genre that I don’t read, and was a well-written book that has a good overall flow and has enough captivating moments to make it a book that you feel like you want to read. I really loved reading it and thank you a lot for the great opportunity. Thank you!!

Chaim, Laramie High School Student

Makes me happy to know people are enjoying my book!

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