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Tough Question Tuesday

What is your favorite dinosaur?

I think every kid (boys and girls) go through a phase where they are fascinated by dinosaurs. What's not to find intriguing? I don't remember a specific dinosaur I liked as a child, but my friend was really into Stegosaurus, so I'm sure I liked it too. I read Jurassic Park when I as in high school, and I remember being totally creeped out by the Procompsognathus. Little scavengers scared the crap out of me!

My 4 year old is really into them right now, and his favorite is Tyrannosaurs Rex (of course). We've been watching a lot of shows about them, and I've discovered new creatures that I didn't know existed. Call it my dinosaur species bubble. There were some pretty scary and awesome dinosaurs, like the Terror Bird, which was a direct descendant of Tyrannosaur. There was also a Spinosaurus, which was probably pretty bad ass. There's a lot to choose from, and I don't know which one is the best!