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This Week in Writing

I finished the edits to Life After the Undead and sent them to the publisher. Last night, I received my galley, so I'll be spending the weekend going through the story one more time.

I started a new zombie story. My goal is to submit it to another anthology. The deadline isn't until November 15th, but I know they've already accepted some stories (I'm friends with them on Facebook). After I'm done with the novel, I'll be ready to create something new! I'll keep you informed of the progress!

Really, I haven't been doing more than that. Editing takes a lot of time. Almost done, almost done!

Last week, I ended my post telling you about my boys' bad habits. Well, I have

More Bad Habits of Little Boys

Earlier this week, we went to Wendy's for dinner. Since the students are back, the line was very long, and we had to wait to order our food. The 4 year old was in one of his moods, and as we're sitting there, he says, "What the f*ck is taking so long?"

I whipped around to tell him that was a naughty word and he shouldn't say it. All the while refraining from bursting into laughter.

Monday night was bath night. Things went as they normally do, with water being splashed all over the place and me fighting with the boys to get them out of the tub. After everyone was out and dried off, the 2 year old and I were the last ones in the bathroom. I walked out first, with him behind me, and he ran right into the back of my leg and blew his nose into my shorts. He laughed his butt off! I tried not to throw up.

The other night, the boys were running around the back yard, and they thought it would be fun to be naked from the waist down. I didn't care, our yard is fenced. Later, as the kids were getting ready for bed, I told the 4 year old to go to the bathroom.

He scoffed. "Uh, I already went."

"You did?" I asked.

"Yeah, when I was outside. I peed on the fence."

Hope you have a great weekend!