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Reader's Reactions

Last week didn't end on a happy note. On Friday, I received a rejection for a story. They said it had too much passive writing. I know that I'm a passive writer, but I thought I could recognize it in editing. Apparently, I was wrong. Later that night, I received two emails about the publisher stealing my story. I was feeling pretty low about my writing.

My depression didn't last for long, however. One of my Facebook friends and fan (hi, Gary!) just happened to read my blog about the nefarious publisher and sent me some messages. He wanted to make sure he didn't own any books produced by the guy, but then he also told me how much he and his wife enjoyed my writing. He said he couldn't wait until my next novel to come out (sadly, he's going to have to since the deadline has been pushed back AGAIN!).

It totally made my day. It reminded me of why I write. I'm not perfect, and I know that I have to work to get my stories in tip-top shape, but at least they are appreciated. I stopped having the pity party for myself and got right back to work.

He also mentioned that he reads the books I recommend on my blog, and he's been really impressed so far. That made me feel good, too. My goal for reviewing my friends' books and stories was so others would read them, and it might be working.

Coincidence amazes me. It reminds me that I'm on the right path, and even though it's sometimes tough, I shouldn't give up. Thank you to all of you out there who read and appreciate my stories, and to those who let me read theirs. Thank you to those who continue to look out for my best interests and make sure I'm protected as a writer. I couldn't survive without your support!