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Paranormal Activity

Some of you may or may not remember that I went on a ghost hunt on Saturday. The Cowboy State Paranormal Investigations hosted it. It was fun, but dear god! I can't stay up that late. I was soooo tired yesterday. I'm still recovering today.

We explored the Laramie Plains Civic Center. It was built in 1878, but it's had renovations done and it houses several different offices right now. The theater still puts on plays. There are a few areas that are closed off to the public, such as the basement with the swimming pool, but we had access to pretty much everything.

Our night started at 5:50. Well, it was supposed to, but people can't show up on time, so we didn't actually start until 6:30. We set up cameras. We had some technical difficulties and couldn't record, but the cameras were set up! After that, we went dark and the two teams split up.

As we did our investigation, we had some other issues. Kids broke into the building. Most of the people went on a hunt to find them. Terry (a team member) and I had to figure out why a camera was down, so we continued to investigate. It was fun.

I'm sure you're wondering: did we find anything? Well, that is to be debated. Some strange things happened, such as when Terry, Amber (another guest), and I went into the pool area to switch out a camera. Larry (another team member) followed us down, and we wondered why he was there. He had the other walkie, so he needed to be upstairs to tell us if the camera angle was correct.

He headed back up, and I heard a crashing sound. I thought for sure he tripped over something and hurt himself. About that same time, Amber saw a shadow in the doorway. She thought it was one of our spouses, but no one came in. Unexplainable.

When Terry and I went to check on the camera, we got some strange EMF spikes. We followed them down the hall, but we couldn't ever pinpoint exactly where they came from. While examining the camera, my spouse found and joined us. As he stood there, he felt a cool breeze on the back of his neck, like someone blew on it. Unexplainable.

While everyone else talked to the cops about the intruders, my spouse, Larry, and I went into the theater. My spouse decided to play some notes on the piano, and when he finished, there was a sound like a footstep followed by a dragging. We only heard it once, and he thought it was me, but I didn't move. We decided to sit in the seats and do an EVP. I spearheaded the questioning, and as we sat there, a shadow moved across the back of the stage. I thought it was the light from Larry's camera and my spouse's flashlight, but they both saw it too. Unexplainable.

It's hard to say exactly what we experienced. I'm skeptical, so I'm inclined to explain it as other things. Plus, the building wasn't locked down, so people came in and out all hours of the night to get to their offices. My guess would be some of the sounds we heard was from them. Maybe the shadow at the back of the stage was an animal. Who knows? If we're lucky, they caught something on tape.

All in all, it was a really enjoyable night. I surprised myself. I thought for sure I would freak out, but I didn't. I stayed calm and level headed. I had a great time, and I would definitely do it again. They are exploring the Territorial Prison this weekend, and I would love to do it, but I can't. I need my sleep and someone to watch the kids! I took some pictures to document the evening. The first one is us setting up, and the last two are of the creepy pool area.