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Nefarious Update

The authors of the stolen book have received word from the publisher. I would like to print his email, word for word. There are some swear words in there, so if you are sensitive, please read no further. Here it is:

"I have been getting a lot of bullshit over this book being on Amazon, and NONE of you have any reason to be harrassing me, because I have full permissions from you in my email archives to use these stories, and the email attachment versions of the stories as well. I am sick of all of this harassment and defmatory comments and lies being spread about me, and if you don't want your story in there, you should have not sent it to begin with.

But since you are going to be assholes about this, I will gladly contact Amazon to have them take it down.

Want some friendly advice? Next time you call yourselves "professional writers," take a better look in the mirror first, okay?"

Need I say more?