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Movie Review Monday

Thundercats: Season Premiere (2011)

It was a busy weekend. We didn't have time to watch a movie. We caught up on recorded TV and watched this cartoon. I was excited.

I looooved Thundercats when I was a kid. I attempted to rewatch it several years ago, but it doesn't translate into adulthood. The lines are cheesy, the characters are flat, but it does have a lesson in each episode. You know, all that stuff that appeals to developing minds.

The new show had a bit of cheesiness to it. I think (hope) it was done on purpose, but then it took on a darker tone. There were indications of tyrannical oppression, and Thundera is destroyed by the oppressed. Mumm-Ra was originally thought to be a legend, but he comes back to make the cats pay.

I really enjoyed the reboot. Unlike the original, the cats are young, teenagers, so it has a coming-of-age feel to it. It totally appeals to my fantasy-loving dork side. There is magic and superpowers and the cats are alien creatures. How could a sci fi/fantasy nerd not enjoy that?

Plus, it brings back memories of when I was a kid. My spouse was really excited to see the new series, too, but ended up not liking it. Mainly it's because he's not a dork like I am. He's never really been a sci fi/fantasy fan, and he doesn't like to let his inner child come out and play. Oh, well. He doesn't have to watch it with me! And, yes, I will be recording and watching the season!