Monday, July 11, 2011

Tour/Movie Review Monday

I think the tour is still going on, but I haven't seen any new posts lately. Since I won't be around this afternoon, just check out here to see what's happening.

Cars 2 (2011)

The menfolk decided to go fishing yesterday, so Grandma suggested we do lunch, go to a movie, then hang out for dinner. I think she was trying to rescue me from insanity. Thank goodness, it worked!

Cars 2 was very cute. The animation keeps getting better and better, and it had some really cool explosions. It was in 3D, though I would have survived if I had to watch it in 2D. I missed part of the film because the 2 year old was very wiggly. We actually had to get up at one point and change his diaper. He's still a bit young to take, but I couldn't leave him home alone. He'll get the hang of it someday.

The total run time for the movie with previews was 2 hours. It was just a bit long for the boys, and some of the content was definitely not for children. It wasn't scary or anything, but they wouldn't have understood it. I mean, what do kids know about secret agents? Plus, some cars got killed. Granted, most of the kids wouldn't have understood that either, but I was taken aback.

It was a typical Disney film full of laughs and good times, as well as a happy ending. Both adults and children will enjoy it, so I recommend seeing it. Has anyone else watched it yet?

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