Wednesday, July 6, 2011

"Silver Moon" by Stacey Thompson-Geer

Ms. Thompson-Geer and I live in the same town. But do you think we met there? Of course not! We met through a mutual friend, Lori Titus, who lives far away. We still haven't met in person, but we communicate through email. Isn't it such a small world?

Here is the blurb for Silver Moon:

After 130 years, you'd think I would know better than to go looking for trouble, but I just can't seem to help myself. The council wants me to catch a werewolf. I just want to paint my nails. Rose is a bitchy sarcastic vampire that ends up hunting a werewolf in, of all places, Las Vegas. She finds very quickly that things are not going to go as planned.

Rose doesn't like to follow the rules. She's very content living her own life and staying out of other vampires' ways. Unfortunately, the Vampire Council doesn't like that. They want her to be apart of the group. They figure the best way to do that is to have her hunt down a werewolf. As you can imagine, it doesn't make her very happy, but she still does it.

She meets a lot of interesting characters along the way, including another werewolf, a witch, and she is reunited with her creator.

The notion of hunting down a rogue werewolf was intriguing, and Ms. Thompson-Geer does a nice job of explaining why the vampires have to help. Normally, werewolves and vampires loath each other, so they stay away. (In Stacey's world, vampires pretty much loath all other mythical creatures). Since this particular situation is so dire, the werewolves need all the help they can get.

The pacing was strange. There was a sense of urgency to find the rogue werewolf before the silver moon, but Rose finds herself visiting her childhood home and sleeping with the other werewolf. Where is the urgency there?

The little side trips do have a point, however. It introduces the reader to some nefarious characters and a plot to turn the known world on it's head.

All in all, the story was very entertaining. It was a quick read, so if you have some time on your hands, the Kindle version is only 99 cents. It's totally worth it!

Stacey was also kind enough to answer some interview questions for me. Enjoy!

Q) What inspired you to write this novella?
I really don't know that there was a defining inspiration. I just wanted to write a Vampire that was not really good, but not as bad as she could be. I also was tired of seeing all the Vampire romance that made the old style Vampires seem soft. There is no way, if they were real, they would be soft.

Q) How long did it take you to write the novella?
I started writing it about two years ago. I finished it and submitted it to a company that did not get to open, but they did help me to edit it and make it better. That process took about a year. Once I got rights back to it, I put it up at Wicked Nights and considered the road on that one done. There are others in the works within the world and the supporting characters seen in Silver Moon.

Q) Can you talk about the story's evolution and publishing history?
I started it one day, I think it was in a summer because I wanted to write another novel. It went along well for awhile and then stalled out. I eventually finished it and contracted it with a company that didn't get a chance to open their doors. Then I just did it. I loved the story and didn't know if it would fall in with any other publisher out there.

Q) What are you trying to get across or understand as you write?
I'm not sure. I just get a story and learn about these people in them. They are all different and have dark sides to themselves I like to explore. My hero's are never just hero's. They are always battling something inside of them.

Q) Why do you write?
That's easy, because I have to. It's who I am. I get depressed when I don't write for awhile or feel like a part of me is missing. I write what I feel and where I'd like to go or know. Sometimes I write dreams into my stories. They have a real connection for me, even though they are so far from anyone's reality.

Q) What can readers expect from you in the future?
I'm working on more in this series, of course, but I also have stand alone stories in the Sci Fi market as well as some pure paranormal romance coming. (No, it does not include sparkly Vampires. :) )

Q) You run your own publishing company called Wicked Nights. Would you like to tell us about the company?
Wicked Nights has had a good run, but we recently changed the way it operates. We turned it into a co op type of option for writers. What this means is that any self published author that would like to be a part of it can be. All we require is a little pitch in some form or another and we help them to get a good book out of the deal. It's not fee based and we have a great group there. I like to call it self publishing with friends. :)


Lori Titus said...

That's very funny! I knew you guys were in the same neck of the woods, but not the same town. You're right, it's a small world...

I love Silver Moon. Rose is such a biznicth that you can't help but love her. Stacey makes sure the plot throws you just enough curves to keep you on your toes. :)

Pembroke Sinclair said...

The funny thing is, it's a small town. About 10,000 people when the university is on break!

Yes, the curves are great, and she does keep you on your toes!