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Zombies and Vampires

The spouse and I watched a show last night called "Love Lust and the Undead." Before you get all a twitter, it wasn't one of those movies, it was a documentary about zombies and vampires in our culture. It's a series on the Sundance Channel.

It was very intriguing. The major focus was on vampires and how they've evolved through literature and film. A small amount of time was devoted to zombies and how Romero changed the genre with his film. With both creatures, the discussion focused on how social issues influenced the fads and how they go in cycles.

The series was right up my alley. I love watching horror and I love picking movies apart. I enjoy looking at social issues and how they influenced films. Zombie and vampire films have been examined to death (pun intended), so I don't focus on them (although I enjoy watching them), I prefer to look at lesser-known monsters. The series was still fascinating, though, and we're recording the other episodes.

It made me wish my book was out. I highly doubt I'll see the popularity of "Twilight" or "Interview With the Vampire" or The Sookie Stackhouse series, but at least people will be able to read it. It's doing me no good being in "formatting."

But I digress. My only point is I think it's kind of cool to be part of the trend. I know it won't last, but I can enjoy the ride. (Maybe. The book needs to come out first!) I enjoy looking at social issues through the lens of horror fiction. I hope I do the genre justice. If you have the opportunity and enjoy vampires and zombies, you should check out this series.