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I'm not a big fan of 3-day weekends. If I'm actually able to go on vacation, it's wonderful. Otherwise, it's just another day I have to clean. Plus, things get crazy at work because you have one less day to get things done.

I am a schedule person, and when my schedule gets messed up, I get anxious. I try not to let it bother me, and I'm getting better (believe it or not), but it's still exhausting. I also hate daylight savings time. It throws me off for weeks.

I'm not trying to make today a whine session, but it seems like everything is off this week, and I'm not sure how to get back on track. I did have some points to make, but they're gone. I'm having issues with insurance and several people have been in to talk to me this morning, so I lost my thought process. (Yet another downside to a short week!) Maybe I'll just ride the rest of the week through and hope next week will be better. It can only go up, right?