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Movie Review Monday

Centurion (2010)

My spouse picked this one. I'd never even heard about it until it arrived in the mail. We were both a little hesitant about watching it, and it took a week and a half before we put it in. Thankfully, it wasn't that bad.

The story is about Quintas Dias, who is the sole survivor after the Picts attack his Roman outpost. He escapes their grasp, only to almost be captured again, but he is saved by the Ninth Legion, who was ordered to eradicate the Picts. A lot of blood and fighting occurs, and the Ninth Legion is wiped out. There are a few survivors, and they have to find their way from behind enemy lines to get home.

I like Roman stories. The whole Roman Era is my romantic era. It's so fascinating and filled with drama. There were a few parts that dragged or were a little cliche, but I liked the movie as a whole. At the beginning of the film, there was a lot of blood, but that tapered as the show went on. It was an interesting study in how people react in survival situations.

The scenery was stunning, and the different cultures were portrayed well. I found myself Googling the Picts because I didn't know a lot about them, and I couldn't remember if they became the Scottish or Irish (Scottish, in case you were wondering). The characters themselves were a little flat and occasionally cliched, but it didn't bother me. Any movie that makes me look up further information has my interest.

I probably wouldn't watch the film again, but I do recommend it. If you like Roman stories and blood and battles, it's worth the time. Things slow down in the second half of the film, but there is a good final confrontation.