Monday, April 25, 2011

Movie Review Monday

Rio (2011)

Mom and I took the boys to see this on Saturday. We took them to the 2D version because the boys won't keep the glasses on. We didn't miss anything except the movie in 3D!

The story is about Blu, who was taken from his rain forest home when he was a baby. His crate falls out of the back of the moving truck in Minnesota, and he is found by Linda, who promises to take care of him. Since he was so young, he never learned how to fly, but he's content with his life. After 15 years, Tulio makes his way from Brazil to inform Linda that Blu is the last male of his kind, but they found a female, so it's important they meet and continue the species. When they get to Rio, that's when the adventure begins.

This movie was great! It was funny, colorful, and had a great beat. The 2 year old was in my lap and would wiggle a little bit when the music played. There was a bad bird, but he wasn't so creepy that it freaked the kids out. There was also a lot of humor for the adults, so everyone was happy!

The boys said they didn't like it, but they were very tired. I got the soundtrack and listened to it on the way home (it was a 3 hour drive from my parents). The 4 year old recognized the songs, and we listened to it three more times. He enjoyed the movie even though he was being a poop! I definitely recommend this movie, even if you don't have kids!

Has anyone else seen it? What did you think?

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