Monday, April 4, 2011

Movie Review Monday

Killers (2010)

We watched this movie on Saturday night. I was celebrating because I finished the edits to my nonfiction book. I think having four beers was the saving grace for being able to watch this entire movie.

The film is about Jen, who goes on vacation in France with her parents after a break up with her boyfriend. She's doesn't live a very exciting life. In fact, it's pretty normal, but that's what Spencer finds so attractive about her. He, of course, is a hired killer, so he's looking to put down some roots. They fall in love and get married. Then, Spencer's past comes back, and he has to kill again to survive.

The movie wasn't terrible. It had some moments where I laughed, and I like Katherine Heigl. I'm still undecided about Ashton Kutcher. It was fairly predictable, but that's what I expected. My spouse didn't like it. His biggest complaint was that no one in the movie held a gun properly. What did he expect? It was a chick flick!

It was a mindless movie for a mindless/beer drinking night. After working earlier in the day, it was just what I needed. Has anyone else seen this? What did you think?

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