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This Week in Writing

I'm feeling much better today. I went to bed early, and the 3 year old stayed asleep all night. It was divine. I still had stressful dreams, however. No zombies, though, so that was nice.

I've been working on my story "The History of Wishes" this week. I've written about 6,200 words and still have the last part to finish. It's taking a much different direction than I had originally thought, but it's still fun to write. Like I said last week, you never know how much you miss fiction until you're away from it for months.

This story has been a little challenging for me to write because it's a vampire story. I don't normally write vampire stories. It feels like I'm writing a cliche. I mean, so many stories have been done with vampires, how do you make it original? But it's been nagging at the back of my brain, so I have to get it out. You are always your own worst critic, so it might not be as bad as I think. I guess I'll have to leave that judgement to the readers.

Earlier this week, the boys and I were watching Batman (the first one with Michael Keeton). The 3 year old was running around in his cape and fighting the bad guys, the 2 year old was mimicking his actions, and I was sitting on the chair. The 3 year old turns to me and says, "I'm Batman, my brother is Robin, and you can be Alfred." I chuckled. Just who I wanted to be!

But, in reality, I am kinda like Alfred. I'm constantly picking up after the boys, driving them to where they need to be, and taking care of them. I'm positive that if they were running around fighting crime, I'd be there with all of their supplies.

Even though I didn't get to pick who I wanted to be in the kids' game, I'm just happy I could be involved. Sometimes in life we don't always get to be who we imagine we are, but at least we don't get left out. I hope your weekend is like that!