Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Really? Once a Week?

Why does it seem like ONE day of the week seems to be worse than all the others? Sometimes it's the entire week, but on average, one day seems to drag me down. Today is that day. So far, I've had crises at work, my children were grumpy this morning (so was I), and I didn't sleep very well.

BUT, since I'm turning over a new leaf and focusing on the positive, here is something interesting that happened. I got an email this morning from a publisher who is requesting more information on my nonfiction book. They need more details about my experience/publishing, a detailed bibliography, and more details about my chapters.

The OLD me would have scoffed and said: "Why? Why am I wasting my time sending this information? You're just going to reject me in two weeks anyway."

The NEW me thought, "Well, at least they are asking for more information." They could have looked at it and said, "Nah. Let's not waste out time," and passed. I'm trying really, really hard to hang onto that small kernel of positiveness. It's difficult to completely get rid of old habits, and I'm doing my best to shut out the negative voice. But, hey, at least I'm trying!

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Lori said...

Okay. About your non-fic work: Tonia and I told you so! :)