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Movie Review Monday

The boys were gone this weekend, so the spouse and I had a lot of time to watch movies. We watched THREE this weekend, although only two of them were "new" releases.

The Other Guys (2010)

Remember the previews for this movie? They were hilarious. Plus, it's got Will Ferrell, so it has to be funny, right? WRONG! There were moments where I chuckled, but on the whole, this movie was just bizarre. It kind of had a plot, but didn't. It was supposed to be making fun of other cop shows, but it was more tragic than funny. It was a mishmash of events strung together that kind of made a storyline. I was really disappointed.

My spouse said that if they had just made it a "real" film instead of a comedy, it would have worked better. I agree. It had a coherent story, but they messed it up by trying to add the "comedy" bits into it. The whole thing with Mark Wahlberg's character and his girlfriend was over the top and not funny. Honestly, I thought Mark Wahlberg's character was pretty much pointless. He drove me crazy!

The only saving grace of this film was Dwayne Johnson and Michael Keeton. The Rock doesn't have a very big part, so that's not saying too much.

After this film, we watched Super Troopers to get the taste out of our mouths. Now that movie is ridiculous and over the top but so much fun!

Due Date (2010)

After being thoroughly disappointed with The Other Guys, we were looking forward to Due Date. We'd both heard wonderful things about it, and the previews made it look fabulous. Good god, we had a bad weekend in films.

This movie was nothing like I expected it to be. Nothing. I found myself laughing more than I did with The Other Guys, but it was also very tragic. You wanna talk about a mishmash of events strung together, then let's talk about his film. The basic plot is fine, but the situations these two get into is surreal. I know, I know, it's supposed to be. I couldn't handle it. Again, it was just too bizarre.

I walked away from the movie shaking my head, trying to figure out what the hell I'd just watched. The best part of the whole movie was when Peter freaks out on Ethan and then spits on the dog. I know, sad, but that part just stuck with me.

Has anyone else seen these two films? What did you think of them?