Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Movie Review Monday on Tuesday

I could never get this to work properly for me yesterday, so you're getting it today! It's still not working, so you'll have to read it stream of consciousness!

Inception (2010)

Two and a half hours. Really? I'm pretty sure if they cut out some of scenes with the van falling into the water, they could have made the movie an hour and a half. I had some problems with this film.

1) Why are they going into people's dreams and trying to steal ideas? If the person hasn't thought of the idea, how do they know it's there? How do they know it's any good?

2) Why would a corporation fund these people? I mean, if you wanted to steal an idea, you had to physically be in contact with the person you were stealing it from. If someone drugs you and hooks you up to a machine, you can pretty much guess what they're doing. Why would you waste your time? There are easier ways to plunder someone's ideas.

3) If the subject could "train" his subconscious to repel attacks, why didn't EVERYONE in his subconscious go after them? While Cobb is training the new architect, he mentions that the projections in the dream function as white blood cells, so if their is a foreign body, or a foreign person in this case, they attack them. So, why are there only a few individuals with guns who actually attack? If they can recognize the threat, wouldn't the entire subconscious attack?

4) Why did the bodyguards have guns? It's the dream world, couldn't they have come up with something more exciting? Like spider monkeys with rabies that shoot out of marshmallows. Oh, wait, maybe that's just me!

5) What was it with those guys in the back room of the chemists? Were that many people out there projecting themselves into other people's dreams that they destroyed their own subconscious? I didn't get that part.

Visually the movie was intriguing. They obviously spent a lot of time creating the dream worlds and using CGI. Too bad they didn't focus more on the actual story. I'm sure the point was supposed to be that no place in this world is safe, not even your mind, but that's really only true if you're famous. I mean, these guys weren't stealing ideas from Joe Schmoe. Technically, they weren't even stealing ideas.

The biggest issue I had with this film was WHY? Why steal ideas? Why do it in their dreams? If someone can explain it to me, I would greatly appreciate it.

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