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Movie Review Monday

Tangled (2010)

I am so amazed at what technology can do nowadays. Even to a cartoon. The movie was absolutely visually stunning. The storyline, fabulous!

I have always been a huge fan of Disney. I don't know what it is about their films, but they always make me tear up, just a bit. I know how they are going to end, I know it will be happy, but the journey getting there is always so much fun. Tangled was no exception. The movie was essentially the story of Rapunzel, but they changed it. It worked out very well. This version made a lot more sense than the original, plus it made her a princess. You can't have a Disney heroine that's not a princess.

Unlike normal Disney films, there are actually two parents in this film, and they both survive. However, as is typical of Disney films, the heroine is not raised by her parents. Since she possesses magic powers, she is kidnapped and locked in a tower to be raised by, essentially, an evil step mother. Of course, when Rapunzel is about to turn 18, she starts to rebel, but what teen doesn't? Then, you throw a handsome young man into the mix, and you've got your formula for a movie.

Typical of Disney films, the music was absolutely wonderful. The film also did a great job of keeping both adults and kids entertained. Both the chameleon and the horse kept my 3 year old rolling, along with me. They were pretty funny. As usual, they made fun of other movies, which, of course, I can't remember right now. There was even a lot of references to other Disney films such as Snow White. It was just a great film.

It was really nice to take the 3 year old to this film. I really needed a break, and this was the best place to do it. Like I said, Disney is usually pretty formulaic, but there is a comfort in that formula. I didn't have to sit there and try and figure things out, I could just enjoy the film. However, since I can't usually turn the analytical part of my brain off, I did notice some socially significant messages in the movie. BUT, I am not going to put them in this review. Just know that the movie was highly entertaining, animated wonderfully, and fun for all ages.