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I tried to record my new chapter on Sunday. When I was about 6 pages (9 minutes) into the recording, I messed up. I stopped recording and started again. I was about 4-5 pages into the new recording, when I messed up again. By this point, I wanted to tear my hair out. I know there is a way to edit recordings and fix those things, but it takes me longer to do that than it does to just start over. The program eats a lot of memory on my computer and slows things down to erosion speed. It's extremely irritating.

Instead of starting the recording for the third time, I had a little freak out. I started questioning why I'm doing what I'm doing and if anyone really cares. I put a post on Facebook and on my blog to see if anyone really listened. Basically, as I was recording, I looked at the clock and noticed time ticking away. I only have a small window to work when the boys are out of the house, and that window was slowly closing. I felt overwhelmed.

After my posts, my wonderful friends and family answered the call. It made me feel better. My friend Fran gave me wonderful advice. In it, she basically said that it doesn't matter how many people are listening but that 1 or 2 people give thoughtful feedback. She was right. It made me feel a little sheepish for even having a freak out.

But it is that time of year when time just gets away from everyone. There is so much to do with family, parties, shopping, cooking, etc. I know I don't have a lot of time, and I'm sure millions of others are in the same boat. So, for the sake of my sanity, I am going to discontinue the chapters until after the New Year. Don't worry, I will start again, and I will remind you where we are at in the story. I'm sure this will work better for everyone. I apologize for any inconvenience, and hope that you will continue to listen after the New Year. Thanks for being understanding!

I decided that since I won't be posting my recorded chapters, I will post excerpts from the zombie email story I wrote. It won't be published because I had a falling out with the publisher, and it's a pretty specialized story, so there probably isn't another market for it. I will start that on Friday.