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Supplies are running low, tensions are running high, and Krista has to go into zombie-infested land to make everything all right. Will she survive? Find out in Chapter 8!

Updates of my week: I'm ready to input the second round of edits into chapter 3. Then, it's off to the publisher. I'm hoping to be done by next week, maybe before Thanksgiving (but who knows) so they will have all of December/January to read through it. While they have that, I will work on the second half of the book. It's almost surreal that I'm almost done with the first half. It seems like this thing has been haunting me for years (which, in reality, it has!).

As the 3 year old was getting dressed this morning, mixing his camo pants with a turquoise blue shirt with turtles on it, he told me that turtles were his favorite animal. I asked him when that happened, and he told me when he found out turtles have sharp shells and lived in the ocean with sharks (I'm pretty sure it was at that moment, when he saw them on his shirt, but what do I know?). He then asked, "Can I be a diver when I get big?" I told him he could be anything he wanted. He then launched into a story about how he was going to put all his stuff on and go in the water, but his friend wouldn't go in the water. I asked him what friend, and he thought about it for a moment. He said, "Is Grandma my friend?" I told him yes. He says, "Then she won't go in the water. She's my friend who won't go in the water."

I hope your weekend is full of wonder and turtles!