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Krista is FINALLY learning how to fight, but it's more difficult than she expected. In fact, EVERYTHING in North Platte seems to be more difficult than she expected. Will she stick it out or head back to Florida? Find out in this week's installment. http://pembrokesinclair.blogspot.com/p/audio.html

Don't forget: you can download the chapters so you can listen to them at your leisure!

Updates for this week. I've been working on my nonfiction. Since I had half of yesterday off, I input about half the edits I needed to. I'm slowly (ever so slowly) finishing the first half of the book. Once that's done, I have the entire second half to worry about. Sometimes I don't know why I got myself involved in this! Some days it just seems so hard and tedious, but then I get working on it, and time just flies by. I worry about making the word count. I need to put that out of my mind and just write.

I also received a disconcerting email this week. Apparently, the publishing company that accepted one of my short stories for an anthology is being forced to close down. There is some issue with how they came up with their name. Legal stuff. It's very bizarre. At least I wasn't directly involved this time!

I finished the book I got for free at the conference, "Boys that Bite." It was all right. Not really my cup of tea. I'm not a big vampire fan. I finished it, though, which says a lot. Normally, if I don't like something I'll quit reading it. I don't have time to waste on a book that I don't like. They're too many out there for that.

I'm hoping to spend the weekend catching up on my sleep and getting a little further with my nonfiction. I have a lot of recorded TV to watch and a movie, so I'll try to squeeze those in at some point. Hope you have a great weekend!