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Sorry for taking so long to post today, I was traveling this morning. I'm sure after my post yesterday you are curious to know what happened. Well, I will tell you. My day yesterday started with a message from a very upset artist. Turns out, the painting used for the cover of my novella was used without permission. It was stolen. The guy was writing to inform me that I needed to take it down and find out if he needed compensated. I was mortified. I had nothing to do with choosing the cover, and I assumed the publisher went through the correct channels. I immediately wrote the artist back and apologized profusely before getting to work and taking down all the places that had the book for sale that I could take down.

The whole situation was upsetting and devastating because about a month ago, I read some blogs about the particular publisher and how he was plagiarizing others works. At first, I didn't want to believe it. He had always been so nice to me. He jump started my career. He helped me find a publisher for my nonfiction (which is legit, thankfully). So after this came down, I started doing some more research and found numerous blogs about the things this guy has done. It's not the first time he's stolen artwork and he's actually plagiarized several works. It was a little unbelievable and sad. How could someone who seemed so nice be so bad? But I guess that is the allure.

I am still embarrassed to talk about this now. I mean, I trusted this guy for close to 2 years, never once believing that he was capable of doing what he did. But, looking back, there were signs. There were even times my gut was telling me something wasn't right, and my spouse didn't trust him one bit. But I ignored all of them. Luckily, I got out before I lost any money (sort of. I never received royalties from the novella).

Being a writer/artist is very difficult. I mean, we deal with rejection after rejection after rejection. When someone seems interested and throws us a bone, we jump all over it. Like I said, I was pretty lucky, but who knows if it would have escalated? The best thing to do is just cut all ties.

I am very fortunate that the artist was incredibly understanding. He handled the whole situation like a professional. Since this whole thing has gone down, we've actually become friends. It's very refreshing because he is a wonderful artist and we all need to band together to fight the evil out there. I am purposely leaving out the names of those involved for every one's protection. If you really, really want to know who the publisher is and make sure you haven't fallen prey, please email me at pembrokesinclair (at ) hotmail (dot) com and we can discuss it further.