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I finally heard from the ag editor, and I am no longer writing articles. I am both relieved and sad about this. I'm relieved because it was getting really hard to find topics to write on, and even though it didn't take up a lot of my time, it still took up quite a bit; time I could spend writing my other stuff. I'm sad because it was a very nice steady check, and I learned a lot and met a lot of nice people in the process. I suppose if I really wanted to find another freelance article writing gig I could, but I'm going to bask in laziness for a while.

I really have nothing to talk about today. My brain is still mushy from working on my nonfiction and from lack of sleep. The 3 year old is getting better, but he'll still get up at least once a night. His stuffed puppy gets uncovered and must start shivering, which wakes him up, because I have to go in there and cover it back up. You'd think with all that fur it would be able to stay warm. Oh, well.