Friday, October 29, 2010

Krista has been in Florida for 2 years, and is growing weary of her mundane existence. She craves excitement. An opportunity arrives for her to go to North Platte. The catch: her daily life will be threatened by zombies. What will she decide? Check out Chapter 5 in the audio tab to find out!

This has been an extremely busy week. I've been trying to catch up after being gone for the weekend, which, for the most part, I have. I had to rewrite an ag article because the editor didn't like one. No biggie. It happens. Then, I've been trying to finish my editing so I can get that story off my plate. I'm almost done; 4 more pages and I'm sending it off! Yeah! I got edits done on chapter 2 of my nonfiction, so my plans for this weekend are to reread it. Plugging right along!

I am planning on taking some leisure time this weekend, too. I have some movies to watch and TV to catch up on. Plus, my mother-in-law are taking the boys to "Safe Treat" tonight. It's put on by the University so the kids don't have to be out on the street going to stranger's houses. It's really nice. That will be fun.

I hope you all have a wonderful Halloween!


Gary said...

Post some more from the new book soon ... PLEASE.

It's not often that I get excited about a book, However this one has me wanting more. I cant thank my boss more for turning me on to this author

Pembroke Sinclair said...

Every Friday I will put up a new chapter until I'm done. I'm very happy to hear you are enjoying it. Thank you!