Friday, October 15, 2010

Chapter 3 has been uploaded. I hope you enjoy.

My 3 year old redeemed himself last night. He decided that he really did want his toys back. He had to earn them back, though. I told him if he picked up the living room and put all his toys away, he could have one bag. If he put that bag away, he could have another. He thought it was a game, but I don't care. At least the majority of the toys got put away.

As for my progress this week, I finished both my ag articles and will turn them in on Monday. I also set up an interview for an article next month. Don't get excited, I'll still procrastinate! I finished the editing job and sent it off to the author, who sent it back, and now I have to read through it again. I'm not sure when I'll get to that, but I'm hoping maybe next week. I also finished chapter 1 of my nonfiction and sent it off to Tamara so she can give it a read (and edits. Probably lots of edits).

I think since I got so much done this week, I get to be lazy tonight. Sounds like a fabulous night to catch up on all the TV I missed!

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