Thursday, September 9, 2010

One ag article completely done and put to bed. Now, I just need the guy to get a hold of me so I can finish the other one. If he doesn't, that's fine, he had help with his experiment, so I will just contact her. I've talked to her before, so it should be all right, but I don't know if I'll make my deadline. No worries, the editor is pretty lenient, and I don't do it all the time, so it should be fine. Although, I would have really liked to have been done by now. It's throwing my whole schedule off!

My friend Tamara and I have been talking/formulating a plan for my publicity. Like I mentioned yesterday, I'm planning on doing my novel as a podcast. I've decided that I'm going to do my YA zombie novel as the first podcast, and if that works well, then I'll go back and do my published one. It won't be for a while, though. I'm still waiting for rejections. I figure by the end of September, I should have heard back from all the agents I'm going to hear from. Soooo, my plan is to start recording then. I will keep you informed the closer it gets.

She also suggested that I change the tone of my blog, focus more on industry stuff. I'm still deciding if that's what I want to do. I mean, I try to focus just on my writing and what's going on, but then I find I run out of things to talk about. I guess maybe I just need to try a little harder. If I do change the content, it won't be until next week. On that note...

The Prince of Persia was wonderful! The 3 year old did great and enjoyed the film, but it was almost 2 hours long so he started to get a little tired. Plus, some parts dragged. All in all, though, it was a great movie.

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