Friday, September 10, 2010

Finished my articles and got them sent of this morning. I feel so free! Now I can procrastinate for a few more weeks before I have to worry about them again.

I also got a draft of the short zombie story I was asked to write finished last night. I just love it when my schedule works out. I was a little worried things would get bumped, but it all worked out. The only thing that kind of stinks is I probably have to work this weekend. That really puts a wrench in the works.

My friend Tamara has been taking this podcasting stuff very seriously. According to her blog, she's been reading a bunch of stuff, downloading things, and bought a nice headset. I'm very excited about this. Now, when I'm ready to do my stuff, she'll be an expert. She even has her first recording up. It's awesome, and one of my favorite stories. You can check it out here:

1 comment:

Tamara said...

You are so kind!

This podcasting thing is so fun. Let's make some margaritas and have at 'em!

Seriously, I think we can do some great stuff, podcasting or otherwise.