Wednesday, September 15, 2010

As I was drifting to sleep last night, I was thinking about a section of my nonfiction book that I will be working on (hopefully) tonight. I was thinking about movies, then my mind drifted to the new movie Machete. I haven't seen this film, and I probably won't see it in the theater, though I think it looks interesting. These last thoughts before I fell asleep influenced my dreams, and I had a fabulous dream about revenge and torture. A dream that BEGGED to be turned into a short story. So, first thing when I got up this morning, I jotted the first few lines down so I don't forget.

I really don't mean to have more than on project going on at one time. It just kind of happens that way. Plus, the projects are so different, it's not like I'm going to get confused. Sometimes I work better under pressure. And with deadlines. Usually I have to self-impose a deadline or I hem and haw and it's difficult to get things done.

My blog is almost finished. I just have to add one more tab for my audio stuff. I'm still planning on doing some of my stories as podcasts, but I haven't had time yet this week. Things should calm down this weekend, so I will try and get to it then. No promises, though!


Tamara said...

I love the new site! So cool. Go man go.

I have to say though, after reading your descriptions of how you wrote your stories: I sure am glad I don't have your dreams! Mine are much more mild.


Pembroke Sinclair said...

I actually worry when I don't have dreams like that. I think I'm losing my inspiration!