Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Almost finished my articles last night. Got one done, but I still need to talk to another guy. I tried yesterday, but he was busy and didn't return my call. Oh, well. Hopefully he'll get a hold of me today.

I'm taking the 3 year old to see "Prince of Persia" tonight. I'm a little worried since it's PG-13, but he really enjoys "The Scorpion King," so I think he'll like this. I haven't seen it yet (which is why I want to take him), so I hope I don't have to eat my words. If all else fails and it's too scary, we'll just leave. Plus, it gives us some bonding time.

My friend Tamara sent me a link yesterday for an interview of an author (I can't remember his name) who created on online following by giving away his novels as podcasts. She thought it sounded like a good idea for me, so I thought I would look into it. What do you guys think? Would you listen to my novel if I recorded it?

1 comment:

Tamara said...

Go for it!

(As long as it wouldn't be something you dreaded.)