Monday, June 14, 2010

Oh, man. This weekend went by too fast, and I didn't get anything done. I had a wonderful dessert date with my friend Tamara on Friday night, and we talked about writing and various other things. Then, on Saturday, the spouse and I went to the local Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation Banquet. That was nice. Yesterday we cooked dinner for the mother-in-law. She had surgery on her foot on Thursday, and she's pretty much confined to her recliner or bed for two weeks, so we thought we'd be nice.

I read an interesting post by Nathan Bransford on Friday. You can check it out by clicking the link to his blog on the right. He says it much more eloquently that I can summarize it, but in a nutshell, he was talking about how electronic books and self-publishing are changing the publishing industry...for the better. He also talks about how it changes the reader. No longer do they have thousands of choices of bound books that they have to get through a book store, but now they have millions of choices that are accessible by the click of a button. Although so many books may seem like a daunting choice, readers will find those books that they enjoy reading and continue to purchase them. It was very interesting, but also very depressing. I mean, it was bad enough when you had to compete with all those other books in the store, but now you have all the books online. It's pretty easy to get overlooked in thousands of books, but you get completely lost in millions.

It's interesting to think that the internet has already changed the author/reader relationship. Before authors had web pages and Facebook pages, etc., they were pretty inaccessible. If you wanted to contact your favorite author back in the day, you had to write a letter either directly to them or to the publishing house and hope for a response or hope they became popular enough to get interviews. Now, you just have to click a button. Of course, those authors who want to remain out of the public eye still can.

I also read another fascinating argument on POD publishers, indie publishers, and self-publishing, but I will visit that topic tomorrow.

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