Friday, April 2, 2010

I'm hoping I sounded like I knew what I was talking about yesterday. Really, I have no clue what agents/publishers are looking for in a YA novel. I'm just hoping it's what I've written! Although, I do have my reservations about whether or not someone will pick me up. Remember, the market is pretty flimsy right now, and they have to ensure that the book is going to sell...a lot. Why else would they waste their time? I still have a feeling that a certain vampire novel might be influencing what publishers are looking for, and my novel is nowhere near that vein. Plus, I don't know how popular zombies are among the younger crowd.

I'm having a negative day today. I received a rejection from the agency that was on my radar. It doesn't upset me; I was kind of expecting it. They don't normally do horror, so when they requested to see some sample pages, I was very shocked. No, the real reason for being grumpy is the snow. We had almost gotten rid of it, then it dumped like 3 inches yesterday. Today, it's windy and miserable. *Sigh* Normally I don't mind winter; it's actually my favorite season. But this year, we've had numerous days below zero, and I hate that. I'm ready for spring. I'm ready to quit wearing my coat and hat. I'm ready for the boys to go outside and enjoy the sun. I'm ready to have a few minutes to myself while the boys are enjoying the weather to get some writing done!

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