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If I had the time (you know, no job, no kids), I would love to be a book reviewer. I would schedule my day around writing in the morning, reading in the afternoon, and having a writer's workshop in the evening. How cool would that be? I could surround myself with nothing but writing!

I received a lovely rejection from an agent yesterday. It was one of those "Nos" that you don't mind getting. Even though she passed on the project, she still had very nice things to say about it. I was flattered. I also sent an email to the agent who requested the rewrite to see if she had received my story (it has been three weeks so I just wanted to make sure--not that I expected her to have read it, heavens no), and I found out she had switched agencies. Of course, I only found out because her email address had changed, so I was a little weirded out. I had to find out when that happened. I know she's busy and is probably like, "I don't have time for this. Rejection!" but it's kind of an important transition. Especially since I just sent the new agency a query last week. How was I supposed to know she was working there? Hopefully she will understand (and answer my email!).

I finished my articles yesterday. Woo-hoo! And you didn't think I'd get them done. Oh, ye of little faith! I have also been working on another story, along with my dragon story. This is an homage to my children. Hopefully they will appreciate it when the get bigger (I know they'll like it when they are young, who doesn't like to hear a story with their name in it?). Not when they're teens, I'm sure, but later. I'll keep you informed of my progress!

UPDATE: I received word this afternoon from the agent who requested the rewrite. She decided to pass, but she is referring me to some other agents. I knew that she was going to say no, but I appreciate her effort in sending me to other agents. We shall see how it plays out.